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Booking hotel in Taksim Istanbul

As you know, Istanbul is always awake, and booking a hotel in Taksim Square will be very difficult and time-consuming. And one of the streets that is always full and full of colorful shops and tourists is Esteghlal Street in Istanbul. Maxwell Hotel is one of the well-equipped apartment hotels and the cleanliness and hygiene of this hotel is very important. As you can see in the pictures above, all the rooms will be delivered to you in exactly the same order and hygiene.

Staying in this hotel will definitely make you a guest of this hotel with a very loving and friendly staff and a very committed manager every time you visit Istanbul.

Price List

To book rooms in this hotel, you must call and book at least 3 days before the trip.

  • Double bed rooms in non-holiday days 40$
  • Triple bed rooms in Non-holiday days $ 55
  • Double bed rooms in holiday $ 80
  • Triple bed rooms in hoildays $ 110

All reservations will include breakfast and airport transfer.

Agents contacts

investment in turkiye

Agent: Masoud

Tel : +90(541)-116-5636