Buying house in beylikduzu

Buying house in Beylikduzu

It is assumed that Beylikdüzü was first settled by Greeks from Byzantion in the second century AD as a farming village. It later became a popular resort for residents of Constantinople in the Byzantine Empire, a status that continued after the Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire. The region was referred to as “Garden” in the later Ottoman period, and following the foundation of the Turkish Republic was called “Kavaklı,” after the large number of poplar trees, a name which was used until 2003. The modern name means “Plains of the Beylik.”

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buying House in Beylikduzu

This project is located on the European side of Istanbul in Beylikduzu (Yakuplu) region. Yakuplu has sea transportation and it has a sea bus that accesses the Besiktas and Fateh region. In these regions, there are lots of welfare and fun places there. (big restaurants and Cafe shops). this project was built in 19 blocks with 330 Apartments in 26.893 m2 and in has green places include 19,581 m2, walking roads, beautiful swimming pools, and :

  • Sauna
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Parking lot
  • Park
  • cafe-shop
  • restaurant
  • Turkish bath
  • sport complex
  • security
  • sea views

Agents and Contacts

buying house in turky

Agent: Saeed

Phone: +905441031614

خرید خانه در ترکیه

Agent : Saghi

Phone: +905358634620

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